Is Quaestor for you?

Quaestor 7 makes SQL Database Reporting flexible, efficient and fast.

Use Quaestor to create Reports, Grids and Pivot-Grids with Data from Microsoft® SQL Server, Oracle®, Firebird+InterBase® or MySQL® databases. Present the information in the standalone viewer program or with the web viewer on an intranet site. Automate the production of PDFs, CSVs and other export file formats.

Report Creator

Standalone Creator

The standalone ReportCreator application is the core element of the reporting solution. It allows you to define data access commands based on pure SQL statements for which user supplied parameters can be declared. Parameters can be based on proposal lists, queried from the database, which can be interdependent and verified against a set of business rules. Data can be organized in a structured manner, with multiple levels of master/detail relations. This structure can either be realized by reading multiple data sets from the server or by projecting a single result set (e.g. from a select that joins multiple tables) to a master detail structure on the client side, which can thereby reduce server roundtrips and increase data access speed dramatically.

Instead of interpreting the data source definition, the Quaestor software internally compiles class libraries that facilitate data access, which further improves the system performance. ReportCreator offers a designer for fully fledged, layout reports, data grids with drill-down capabilities and pivot grids for end-user data analysis. The system supports multiple languages and multiple report layouts.

Report Viewer

Standalone Viewer

The ReportViewer is another standalone product that allows read-only access to the Quaestor report project files. It uses parameters to perform data acquisition to display reports, grids and pivot-grids. A variety of export formats are supported, including PDF, Excel, RTF, CSV, TXT and Pictures. Moreover, the user may initiate sending reports as email attachments from the viewer.

The user may switch freely between the supported languages and connection profiles, or these choices can be made through configuration. Based on the user supplied parameters, grid reports can be refreshed at any time to keep track with changing data.

Web Viewer

Web Viewer

The WebViewer is an ASP.NET solution that allows access to layout reports from a Quaestor project for an unlimited number of users on a single intranet. Depending on possible configuration choices, rule-based authentication can be implemented by using the existing domain security platform or forms-based authentication using the standard aspnetdb database. Similar to ReportViewer, the user has various options to export results into different export file formats and to choose between different languages.

Depending of the configuration of the data sources, this may even include the acquisition of language-specific content data. The application supports the latest versions of the major web browsers.

Reporter Command Line Tool

Reporter Command Line Tool

The Reporter command line tool processes jobs that are defined by xml files to produce PDF or CSV output files without any user interaction. Query parameters as well as formatting instructions are provided by the xml, for which a fully documented schema definition exists.

Use this program for batch production of reports. By executing jobs from the Windows® job scheduler, it is possible to fully automate your reporting. Use the Power Shell script language to export PDF reports and push the output to a list of email recipients which are also queried from the database using the same tool.

The optional log files make it easy to diagnose and troubleshoot problems.




The Quaestor 7 Software is available in several license variations. A free 30-days trial version can be found on the Downloads page.

The price for a single base license (1xCreator, 2xViewer) starts at EUR 399.-- plus VAT (More Details)

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