Is ISOoverTCPsim for you?

The ISOoverTCPsim software simulates a communication protocol that is frequently used by HMI-software and SCADA-systems to access data provided by SIEMENS PLCs (programmable logical controllers). This protocol is often referred to as "ISO-over-TCP" and sometimes just as "RFC 1006", but in fact what this software does is to emulate a vendor-specific protocol that is used on top of this standard. So ISOoverTCPsim can act as a server and serve the requests from other software that "thinks" it is communicating to a real PLC using this protocol.

The Product

ISOoverTCPsim is a Windows® desktop program that provides a comfortable data block editor, enabling users to edit and view values in such PLC-like data blocks and save the settings in a project file.

In addition, the software offers a simple, integrated scripting interface, where cyclic actions can be programmed using C# syntax. By this, the software can facilitate dynamic behavior to your HMI application, e.g. by raise alarm messages to simulate signals from sensors in interaction with simulated movements of drives, etc. Such script functions can be activated by cyclic calls, by triggering data changes made from the HMI level, or by clicking buttons in the simulator surface.

The product simplifies the development of HMI and SCADA projects requiring a ISO-over-TCP driver for SIMATIC® S7 controllers. You can largely dispense with using a hardware PLC but distribute dynamic data sources locally or in you local area network to your application.

The software can be combined with various (OPC-) drivers and HMI/SCADA software systems.



A fully functional 30-days trial version is available from the Downloads page.

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